The Ole Time Way

Apostle, Bishop S. Janine Hyman, Th.D. expresses her concern that the church of today has lost the power, piety, purity, and passion that the church of old posses, espcially the African American church. This ckip is candid, informative, educational, entertaining, and sometimes comical. This is a call for all the "old school" saints to step back up to the plate and ap[ss something to this generation--because the previous generation was left out of the loop. It is a call for "old school" to bridge the gap between new school (or no school at all), and let's take it way back in God, until the latter house is greater than the former--until righteousness reign down from on high. Enjoy the personable, lively, down to earth presentation of Apostle S. Janine Hyman.

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