Ivanrest - This Prison

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This is the new single from Ivanrest (formerly known as Standpoint). Thank you for your support!

Vocals/Acoustic: Brad

Electric Guitar: Dan

[email protected]@[email protected]$ Guitar: Jeff

Drums: Bill

Lyrics: Brad

Sound Engineer: Bill

Video Editing: Bill

Security and Production: Seth

Mixing Assistant: Dean, user/naedsukram

Album: Perseverance of the Saints

Copyright 2008

This Prison is about one man's struggle with sin and reminds us of our need to depend on God's grace. We are bound in chains by our sin and weighed down with its burden. However, we can break free from this prYison. With Jesus we are more than conquerors over any temptation. It is our prayer that you can use this song to encourage you as you seek and walk with God. Please put it on your mp3 player and take it everywhere! (also check out our Worship Everywhere video)

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It's going off in my mind

All these thoughts they are so crazy, crazy

Should I do this one more time?

Just to feel close to something

But I know you'll never leave me

Please don't leave me

Cause I know that you have set me free

And I know that you alone are true

And I know you love me by

The nails that drove my sin right through your hands

The wasted places

That I've gone in my mind

Your selfless loving

Has saved me from this prison

Grace falls down

On all my b

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