Myra Perrine on "What's Your God Language?"

In What's Your God Language? Myra Perrine describes nine types of spiritual temperaments and suggests disciplines and faith expressions that fit best with each unique temperament (or blend of temperaments). Drawing on her doctoral research that built on the work of Gary Thomas and others, Perrine calls readers to stop fighting the way God wired them and to experience a deeper intimacy with Christ by embracing their unique "spiritual circuitry."


In-depth analysis of nine categories of spiritual temperaments

Spiritual temperament assessment tool for assessing one's individual temperament

Biblically supported and thoroughly researched

Written in a friendly, anecdotal style

Foreword by Gary Thomas

Web site with additional intermediate and advanced exercises

The 9 Languages:

The Activist

The Asetic

The Caregiver

The Contemplative

The Enthusiast

The Intellectual

The Naturalist

The Sensate

The Traditionalist

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