Spanish Sharing song for kids - teaching Christian values to kids

The Quigley's Village puppets sing and model Sharing with others. These kids videos sold over 2 million because they really help parents teach Christian values. Kids relate to the village characters as they are entertained and learn lessons from the Bible about character traits. This song is from the episode teaching Sharing to kids. The Quigley's Village Series has been popular in Sunday Schools, Day care, preschools, Children's Church, Church libraries, and thousands of homes. These videos are proven as parenting tools and have been enjoyed by thousands of kids while teaching Christian character. Most kids videos are like electronic flash cards, quick and choppy, which helps kids learn facts. These videos are designed at a slower pace to model good behavior so the kids can imitate the good choices they see by the puppets on the screen.Aprender a escuchar con cuidado es muy importante cuando estamos creciendo. Cuando Spike va a casa de Lemon para pasar la noche, no escucha cuando su papá le habla, y olvida llevar algunas cosas esenciales - lo que resulta frustrante y divertido.

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