The DARL FAVREAU Born Again Christian Testimony: Part 1 of 2

Darl Favreau was ##ually molested repeatedly by his father-in-law. The emotional pain this brought Darl, as it does most every boy or girl, causes them to try to find a way to bury that pain. It can also cause them to move into rebellion, as was the case of Darl.

Alcohol and drugs to try to deaden the pain of his shame became the way of life for him. To support his drug habit, he stole anything he could to make some money.

After 20 years of this death-spiral, Darl began to consider suicide more and more. The pain of life was just getting too much for him.

But in a moment of anguish too great for him to adequately put into words, rather than TAKE his life, he chose to GIVE his life to God. The outcome of doing so is worth HEARING about on this video!

To learn more about Darl and some issues he speaks of, you can go to GOOGLE and type in: TESTIMONY DIRECTORY. Then just scroll down to his name - DARL FAVREAU.

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