Radical Islam's War Against The West" - Abridged Version

Radical Islam's War Against The West

This is a 12-minute ABRIDGED version of the multi-award winning documentary, Obsession: Radical Islams's War .Against The West - a riveting new documentary that exposes the threat of Radical Islam in a way never seen before!

This featurette was designed to give the viewer an overview of the scope of the film - and the threat of Radical Islam. The full film will be available in theatres soon. In the meantime, a 60-minute version is available for purchase at www.ObsessionTheMovie.com

The film and filmmakers have been featured on major CNN, MSNBC, Fox TV and other top US radio & TV talkshows.

To view these interviews, as well as clips from the film, visit: www.ObsessionTheMovie.com.

Or visit: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1255201414338864360&hl=en Click on "From User" for all clips