Our Animal Companions And The RAPTURE

Our Animal Companions And The RAPTURE

Yes, what about our beloved companions that are to soon be left behind?

In my humble opinion, it would be good idea to:

1)PRAY That your pets will be looked after either by intersession of the angels that watch over them ...

2)Or PRAY for them to be joined up with someone, who will look after them, to survive through the Tribulation, until you return with Christ for the establishment of the Millennium Kingdom.

3)Not replace animals that cannot get out of their confinement ... (fish/birds/ferrets/rabbits/etc.). But that of course, is a personal judgment call. And one that I am personally, still pondering over.

However ... as there really hasn't ever been a Rapture on this scale before ... no telling what ALL the particular ins and outs of it will be. Who can say for certain what will happen to all those Christian's pets so suddenly abandoned? As our only SOURCE on such things (The Holy Bible) is silent on such matters ... a pet lover cannot help but wonder. That and trust to the Creator who made heaven and earth, that He knows exactly what He is doing; even when we are pretty much in the dark.