Helene, Bay Islands, Honduras

Helene is a small island located 30 miles off the coast of mainland Honduras. Helene is separated from the island of Roatan (the largest of the Bay Islands) by a narrow canal. The aboriginal inhabitants of the Bay Islands were the Paya Indians. The black islanders are descendants of African slaves brought over by the Spanish &amp; English in the 17th &amp; 18th centuries. The white Islanders came from England in the 18th century via Cayman and St. Kitts, a few claim dissonancy from the pirates. Columbus visited the Islands in 1502, they were a pirate base during the 17th century, and in 1850 the British colonized them. In 1861 limited sovereignty was ceded to Honduras.<br />
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Alternative Missions has been working in the remote Caribbean fishing village of Helene, also known as Santa Elena, since 1996. Helene is a small subsistence-living community made up of Caribbean style English speakers known as islanders, most of which are of African descent. The small island is geographically removed from the rest of the Bay Islands of Honduras in that it is only accessible via boat. There are no roads, no cars, no running water and no public power. The beauty of the island and the people are what set Helene apart. The people are a wonderful and loving people, hungry for knowledge and for the word of God. Click here to find out more about Alternative Missions efforts in Helene, Honduras.

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