Purify Your Spirit for the LORD

A Correction On The End Bible Verse: It's supposed to be Revelation 19:11-13 not Revelation 18:11-13. Sorry for the error. God bless you all. This video is dedicated to both the McGowan and Powell families due to their painful loss caused by a horrific and violent tragedy. May GOD in HIS wisdom, mercy, forgiveness, love, and grace help them all to some how heal and not lose trust, belief, and faith that our heavenly FATHER will always be there for each of them. This is also dedicated to all victims of violence and illness. If I can be of any comfort and assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. God be with you always. Prepare, brethren, the time draws so very close. We all need to sincerely repent, diligently pray, and spiritually cleanse ourselves for the coming of our LORD. For GOD deserves HIS reverence, praise, glory, and respect. God bless each and everyone of us! I thank the LORD for HIS grace in all matters. 8^)

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