The Lord Makes all things good for those who love Him

Can we face extreme challenges and remain the same?

"Whatever doesn't destroy you makes you stronger!" How many times have we heard that old cliché? But it's so true, isn't it? While struggling through a recent illness I found I learned so much about myself like the amount of strength there is inside of me and the amount wisdom acquired through the years. That not only could I endure terrific physical pain, that I could handle enormous amounts of emotional pain simultaneously and glean wonderful spiritual lessons from it. Isn't it amazing, that it's possible to learn lessons in the most extreme places and then carry those lessons with you - with gratitude and grace? Certainly I have more love, more empathy more inner peace and calmness than prior to my resent struggles. God is so good!

Have you experienced anything like this? Tell us about it. I know there are lots of us who have learned lessons along the way that can inspire others. Talk with you soon!

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