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The Mount of Blessing

What is the question heard most often in the church? Week after week and month after months we hear this question addressed most often from the pulpit: Where is my blessing? In todays teaching Apostle Eric answers this question by taking the church back to the book of Leviticus. Teaching from chapter 24, Apostle Eric expounds on the differences between Mount Gerazim and mount Ebal.

On mount Gerazim was the blessing. Both the stewardship and the priesthood stood on Mount Gerazim. Mount Ebal held the curses. We can see that between each mount there is a valley. The church that stands on Mount Ebal is a headless, covenantless church. Being on that mount they do not carry the image of Christ and wander, looking for their blessing. Christians must cross over to Mount Gerazim before they flourish in Christ.

Video copy of part one of Apostle Erics radio program, Apostolic Voice of Reformation, 01-09-09. Broadcast airs live every Friday from 3 pm to 4pm EST at WBTE 990 am Windsor NC. www.ApostleEric.com

Credits: music by Stefano Maccarelli, Dont Destroy the World, http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_licensing.cfm?bandID=578970, photo credits: Morgue File: http://www.morguefile.com

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