A Christmas Legend

A Christmas Legend

Dylan (3) quoting a Christmas poem for you.

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"A Christmas Legend"

There's a beautiful legend that's never been told,

It may have been known to some wise men of old,

How three little children came early at dawn,

With hearts that were sad, to where Jesus was born.

One could not see, one was too lame to play,

While the other, a mute, not a word could he say.

Yet led by His light, they came there to peep,

At the little Lord Jesus, with eyes closed in sleep.

How could the Christ child, so lovely and fair,

Not waken and smile when He heard their glad prayer,

Of hope at His coming, of faith in His birth,

Of joy at His bringing God's peace to the earth.

And as the light softly came through the door,

The lad that was lame stood upright once more,

The boy that was mute started sweetly to sing,

While the child that was blind looked with joy on the King.

- By Charles W. C. Bancroft