18-Year-Old Australian Travels To America Alone To Pursue Dancing Dream On AGT

18-Year-Old Australian Travels To America Alone To Pursue Dancing Dream On AGT

This is a video where dreams come true. In this clip, we see an 18-year-old Australian who travels to America alone to pursue dancing.

At the start of this video Max Ostler shares that he has come to America by himself at the young age of 18 to dance in an audition on America’s Got Talent. As he shares that he is dancing, the crowd cheers. 

He is asked how long he has danced. Max shares that he has trained for ten years in a studio but loved dancing since he was little. His dream is to be a choreographer and dancer. 

Max begins to dance, he starts out with intensity and very unique moves. He is smooth but precise in his moves. He does amazing motions and almost slow-motion falls gracefully to the music’s lyrics. 

Max pulls out some outrageous acrobatics, spinning upside down, sliding sideways on his head, and doing a front flip forward roll. Max does his dance with such passion and feeling. He is a natural performer. The crowd goes wild after his performance. 

Max shares that he has fought thoughts that he is not that good but he remembers he loves it. The judges tell him that it was incredible and how proud his parents must be. Max gets all four yeses from the judges.

The way that Max developed his skill and shared his gifts with the world reminds us that God has also gifted us too. Whatever those passions and abilities, we are to give our best for the glory of God. He can use our talents to bless others and wow them!

"For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." Ephesians 2:10

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