Quick-Thinking Mom Saves Toddler From Bear In The Backyard

Quick-Thinking Mom Saves Toddler From Bear In The Backyard

Check out this video of a quick-thinking mom saving her little toddler from a bear that had entered their backyard.

Toddlers are curious by nature, and when they see something that interests them, they go right after it. And that is exactly what happened in this moment caught on camera of a toddler seeing a black bear in her backyard in Washington state.

The toddler saw the animal and excitedly exclaimed “That’s a bear!” before running right towards it. Her innocent reaction is pretty adorable, but knowing how dangerous it can be being that close to a wild animal, the footage of the moment will make any parent hold their breath.

Thankfully, the toddler’s mother was not far behind her. And as soon as she spotted the black bear in the backyard, she quickly scooped up her child and ran inside the house to safety. What a frightening moment that must have been for the family!

“I was scared and started cursing like a sailor,” the mother said after the incident.

The family’s home security camera caught the entire scene on video, and you can see how close the child came to the bear, as well as how fast the mom was running into the safety of her home once she had her toddler in her arms.

Many people shared online their thoughts of this backyard bear encounter caught on camera.

“Not Paddington Bear, little one. Good save mom,” one person comments after watching the video on YouTube.

“Mama bear vs wildlife bear. Mama bear wins,” another person writes online.

Way to go to this quick-thinking mom who saved the day!

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