Family Orchestra Put A New Spin On Classical Music With BGT Performance

Family Orchestra Put A New Spin On Classical Music With BGT Performance

Check out this talented family orchestra put a fun new spin on classical music with the performance on Britain’s Got Talent.

For this act, a family orchestra known as the Kanneh-Masons give it all they got with an incredible medley of classical and modern tunes. They are all brothers and sisters who are so talented and play with so much passion!

On stage, three are playing the violin, one is on the piano, and two are playing the cello. While they are playing on stage, the lights and smoke add to the fun ambiance that their performance gives. And it is so entertaining to see them interact with one another and play off each other on stage.

The siblings go from playing a classical song to a pop song in a seamless transition. They truly make classical music fun! What an impressive performance!

“I just think as a family and a family of musicians, you’re absolutely extraordinary,” says Amanda, one of the judges on Britain’s Got Talent. “And I think the best thing is that so many younger people might think this kind of music is stuffy, and you give it personality and character and fun. And I think you probably could introduce it to a whole new audience of people that never really appreciated that kind of music before.”

Simon also shared his enthusiasm for the family orchestra after they finished their act. “Well you know what guys, when you got it you got it, right?” he says to them with a smile. “And the preparation you put into that, I loved the different choices of music…I can see this act going all over the world, and maybe, you could be the most talented family in the world.”

Now that is some high praise coming from Simon! We hope that you enjoyed watching this fun performance of the Kanneh-Masons on BGT!

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