Amazing Grace Heavy Metal Version (2)

I recorded a video when I played this music, it...rn(more) rnAdded: March 18, 2008 rnI recorded a video when I played this music, it can be found here: Now the music you're hearing on this video in GT was pulled from the video I recorded (see link above). I got a little crazy with the pictures in this. See if you can pick out some interesting things. I was just basically playing with Windows MM and using some of the tricks with pics and whatnot. Kind of cool.......I dig it anyway. Sorry for the blurry pictures of me (except for the one of me as a wild man), they were taken from videos and saved as pics. That didn't work out the way I wanted it to. Anyway, hope you dig the music half as much as I dug playing it. :-) JamesrnrnPS: You can download the song (music) here:rn

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