Quick-Thinking Husband Saves Wife Choking On A Meatball

Quick-Thinking Husband Saves Wife Choking On A Meatball

Get your amazon cart ready! After watching this video, you’ll want to have this life-saving device in your house too. A quick-thinking husband saves his wife from choking on a meatball. It was a normal day in the Bryant household, and they were getting ready to eat dinner when Jennifer Bryant decided to taste test a piping hot meatball fresh from the oven. 

You can see in the footage that her husband Stefan was busy in the kitchen as Jennifer walks out of view with a meatball in her mouth. Suddenly their teenage daughter looks stunned and begins to panic when she realizes Jennifer is choking. 

Her screams reach a fever pitch as she alerts Stephan that Jennifer is choking. But Stefan remains calm as he walks over to the fridge and grabs a device he had stored on top of it. It’s called LifeVac. LifeVac is a device that works like a plunger that suctions around your mouth and uses the pressure from the suction to pull food that is lodged in your throat. 

Stefan fits the device around his wife’s mouth firmly and plunges once, but nothing happens, he situates the device again, and suddenly, the meatball is dislodged from Jennifer’s airway and is sucked into the device. 

You can see the immediate relief on her daughter’s face as Jennifer is able to breathe precious air again normally. Thanks to Stefan’s quick-thinking, calm demeanor, and through the use of this life-saving device, Jennifer is alive. 

Jennifer says she is lucky to be alive. I say, she is blessed to have a wonderful husband who knew exactly what to do. Thank God for Stefan’s nerves of steel. 

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