Live Performance Of 'My Jesus' From Anne Wilson

Live Performance Of 'My Jesus' From Anne Wilson

Watch this live performance of ‘My Jesus’ by Anne Wilson and be encouraged by the wonderful message of the song.

“Are you past the point of weary, is your burden weighing heavy
Is it all too much to carry, let me tell you ‘bout my Jesus
Do you feel that empty feeling ‘cause shame’s done all its stealing 
And you’re desperate for some healing , let me tell you ‘bout my Jesus”

This powerful song was performed live in Kentucky, and it is incredible to see all of those people praising the name of Jesus together.

Anne Wilson has shared her testimony of how the unexpected death of her older brother not only brought about this song, but also brought her closer to God and revealed His calling for her life.

In 2017, Anne Wilson lost her brother to a horrific car accident, and she remembers God speaking to her right after her father shared with her the tragic news. 

“I heard God say to me, clear as day, ‘Anne, are you going to trust Me?’ I turned around right in that room, and I spoke to Jesus, and I said ‘Jesus, I trust you,’” shared Anne Wilson. “All of a sudden, the weight of death was lifted fully off my shoulders, and I felt like I could breathe. I had this assurance that God was going to pull me through this tragedy to the other side.” 

Then at her brother’s funeral, God gave her the strength and courage to perform in front of an audience for the first time. “I sat down to play, and God said, ‘this is what I’m calling you to do. I’m calling you to praise and worship my name,’” she said. Up until that point, I have never dreamed of being a singer or singing for God.” 

What an amazing song and testimony. God bless Anne Wilson and how she uses her gifts to bring God glory!

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