MercyMe - God With Us

MercyMe - God With Us

“A painting has inspired this book and the faces of poverty inspired the painting but it was faith that inspired the artist.

The artist-turned-writer now hopes that the Spirit who inspired him to see in faith will now inspire us to act with love.”
Fr. Francis O. Gustilo, SDB

Through a painting on canvas, through a 200 pages of script, you step into an extraordinary world. Take off your shoes. Hush. You are in sacred space. Let only your heart enter. Let only your heart see. You will see precious lotus blooming in mud. Let your heart listen. You will hear precious revelations from the lives of 12 extraordinary children and from the heart of an extraordinary author and painter. Only a hardened heart will leave this sacred space not wanting to walk with the author and the change.
Fr. Carlos H. Abesamis, S.J.
Author of A Third Look at Jesus

The painting is the painter. The painter is the painting. There are few artists who reveal their person in their artistic works. There are few artistic works who bare the person of the artists. This is the intrinsic merit of the impressive and inspiring story of “THEY HAVE JESUS” by Joey Velasco. The more one contemplates the painting, the more it tells its story and gives its message. Seldom has a painting conveyed such intensity of a socio-spiritual reality as depicted by the painter.
Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz, DD

Paintings are dense essays that convey a multitude of meanings. HAPAG hits different people differently. But many experience a common feeling – it is a gospel within a frame – a visual medium with a deep spiritual effect. At a time when people are still reeling from the faith-breaking controversy spun by a reinterpretation of Da Vinciâ

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