gOd- Finally Free

Seattle-based. A group of guys(Charlie Nguyen, Colby Mcgeehee, Chuck) just wanting to glorify god and thank him for salvation. without Jesus, none of us would be saved. Jesus is the truth, the way and the light. With the lord, nothing is impossible. Charlie(Asian guy in the video), once was a drug addict, to meth, ecstasy, and so much more, overcame his addiction because of GOD and only GOD. didn't need to go through rehab, counseling, or any worldly medication. THE LORD was his medication, his doctor, his healer, and without him, he wouldn't be here today to tell his message.

Charlie's girlfriend, who was also a drug addict, was demon possessed and the Lord released her from bondage. So thank the Lord because of his power over everything. The bible shows how Jesus miraculously changed those who were scum to the earth and made them wise, Just to glorify him.

Remember that GOD is always good, no matter how the circumstances in your life are. Seek God and he'll lead you to victory.

Psalm 34:6
This poor man called, and the LORD heard him; he saved him out of all his troubles.

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