Stephanie Pauline's Toy Soldier Music Video

I love to say that God will be real with us when we are real with Him. This raw, real confession of need poured out after I had done some concerts in juvenile detention centers. I often share songs and my story in facilities like this, but this particular
week I had done 3 such concerts. I was overwhelmed by the need in the world; the vast pain that can be held in a young persons' heart. I have a toy soldier on my keychain to remind me that I'm a warrior in Christ, which means I am to fight the good fight
and work to bring love, peace, and goodness to my life and lives of those around me. I've been carrying my toy soldier on my key chain around with me for over a decade now, and there he was, sitting on my piano, starin' at me. Even Jesus wept; and was spent
at times. If you listen, you can hear the divine heartfelt reply in the precious vulnerability of the question itself. YES - I am here!

Words and Music by Stephanie Pauline and Chris James.

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