"On my Knees" by Lauren Rodriguez

I’ve been looking for the right guy
Didn’t know what I should do
Til I realized God
You were the one who helped me through
Now I’m standing here in Awe
Because you had the perfect plan
To make me fall into my weakest spot
Just to love you again

God you’ve got me on my knees
Just wondering
how you do the things you do for me
your incredible, amazing and so much more
I can’t wait to see what you have in store.

So many things I want to say
So many things I want to do
So many distractions in the way
Of me giving my all to you

You deserve everything I have
They’ll be no more holding back
Gonna walk the righteous path
I know I need you most
Its you I want so close to me
Holding me
Protecting me
You’re my everything

I can only imagine
What you sacrificed for me
All The blood that you shed at Calvary
You paid the cost for my mistakes
You washed all my sins away
You did it all for me.

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