Always Forgiven

Always Forgiven

Restless heart, torn by sin

Christ forgave you and made you new within
But why today do you feel unclean
As if your heart is still a sin-filled stream

The devil whispers soft in your ear
“It was all a lie—you have so much to fear.
“And God still hates you and prepares wrath
“For that judgment day that’s coming oh so fast.”

Am I only forgiven when I feel that way?
Am I only loved when it’s a brand new day?
Or are You a God unchanging, Who helps me to see
That through all of my sinning, untrue You’ll never be!

“There is no hope now—that much is clear
Throw away your peace, and give in to fear.”
And he always whispers, and you can’t escape
And you fear that this is your fate

Precious child, be not afraid
Of the whispers that that liar makes
For You are Mine now, and I am yours
You are My child, and I am your Lord

I am always forgiven—that’ll never change
And I’m always loved, through the dark rainy days
And the cross was just for sinners, and that’s what I was
But You took all my

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