Port & Border Security Magnetic Levitation Transportation

Port & Border Security Magnetic Levitation Transportation

The Porborsec Maglev System is a very high speed magnetic levitation transportation system enclosed inside a double row stacked cluster of up to 5 transparent polycarbonate tubes each containing a pair of bidirectional maglev guideways.

The system is designed to provide port security using electronic scanners and sensors in all its MagmoPod Cargo container carriers to electronically inspect each and every cargo container coming into our nation's ports and traveling in the system.

The Porborsec Maglev System would be constructed in 1 transnational and 2 transcontinental clusters submerged in the rural medians of interstate highways 40, 55, 70 and 80. The remaining clusters would be constructed along the northern and southern borders of the United States. With each tube having up to a 30 ft. diameter and with cluster covers being equipped with self-cleaning and anti-intrusion mechanisms as well as infrared and sonic sensors to detect tunnels and low-flying objects the Porborsec Maglev System is the effective, economically viable comprehensive Border Security solution.

Additional features include:

� Thousands of renewable energy and fresh water producing convection towers capable of removing as much CO2 from the atmosphere as has been produced by all human activity since the dawn of the Industrial Age, all while producing enough renewable energy to not only power the Maglev System but also to power millions of homes, offices and businesses.
� Pipelines containing reverse osmosis desalination systems to provide a national fresh water reserve for water-challenged and drought-stricken regions of our nation.
� Pipelines for runoff and sewage treatment to help produce clean waters from the Santa Monica Bay, all along the coast of southern California to the Gulf of Mexico.