Alexia Grace Different Than Everyone Else

I wrote the song "Different than Everyone Else" about my older sister Elise (14). She has a condition called Noonan Syndrome which causes her to have severe pain throughout her body. She is also not capable of being as strong or as active as a others her age. Things that people would consider to be easy, she would consider difficult. Lately, she has been struggling with wanting to change and be like everyone else. I wanted her, anyone else with Noonan Syndrome, and everyone who struggles with feeling different to know that you are perfect just the way they are. God made you like this and he will make it good. Just know that there is a reason you are different and you will accomplish something that no one else can do. This song is available on iTunes and AMAZON MP3. Learn more about me and my music at or my fb page " ~Alexia

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