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DIG by Destiny Lab

Destiny Lab is on a mission to expose the lies of evolution in a very unique way....Check out all our videos and order our 36 song double album now for only $15 at www.destinylab.com which includes shipping worldwide.

In Darwin's time he believed that there was such a thing as a SIMPLE single celled organism. The tools of his age could not show the incredible complex designs that can now be observed within the microscopic world. We now now know that there is no such thing as SIMPLE life and that all of Creation bares the fingerprints of an incredibly intelligent Creator. We now can observe complex machinery such as the flagellum motor that can rotate over 100,000 rpm....and instantly reverse....mankind makes nothing equivalent to this technology.

Thanks to Waslyk and Prophestyle Productions for putting this video together. All of our lyrics are at www.destinylab.com

Both albums are also available online through War Records digital distribution in places such as Itunes and Amazon.

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