Abomination of Desolation:Pope John Paul II just came back to life from 2005!!!

GO TO A SEARCH ENGINE and type in "REALPLAYER DOWNLOADER" & download all of my videos at your own discretion, so you won't have any sudden "PAUSES" while the video is trying to Play & you can play the videos on your own cpu whenever you want. People have been trying to figure out who THEE LAST POPE is for at least 900 years now. Well guess what, MYSTERY SOLVED!!! Not by my works but by MY FATHER IN HEAVEN revealing it to me. Jesus Christ revealed this to me by way of Jeremiah 33:3. I will provide the links to this information in the description box of "PART 2". The false prophet is going to be POPE JOHN PAUL II as you can clearly see in this video. The "FINAL" antichrist is Prince William.It "LOOKS LIKE" APRIL 2012 is thee final month that this will finally all play out. In part 2 of this "abomination of desolation" series I will prove show you that the vatican says John Paul II is an extraterrestrial & he even calls himself an extraterrestrial and says humans are just subjects.

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