PROPHECY: The Glory Of Men Must Die - Says The LORD

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Thus says The Lord God, Creator of Heaven and Earth: Because of this blood, which remains on your hands, because of all the multitudes of slain you have piled up in heaps, because of the evil works of your hands in where you have agreed together, to both do and allow them, to make them law... THUS SHALL I, IN LIKE MANNER, DO UNTO YOU! IN LIKE MANNER SHALL YOU RECEIVE AT MY HAND!
Lo, even double shall you receive at My hand, and double again, until there is no place found that is not laid waste, until every land is polluted by the stink of rotting corpses. Both man and beast shall lie down in death together!... They shall be as refuse upon the land!

I shall tear down your cities
And break apart all your dwelling places!...

I shall tear your leaders in pieces,
And pour out the blood of your mighty men upon the ground,
Until it reaches unto the neck!

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