Construction Worker Shows Off Epic Dance Moves On The Job Site

Construction Worker Shows Off Epic Dance Moves On The Job Site

With the heavy loads carried at construction sites, sometimes you and your co-workers need to blow off some steam. You don’t want to miss this video where a construction worker shows off epic dance moves on the job site. 

While construction sites are a frenzy of activity, it’s not all work–sometimes you need to lighten things up a bit and blow off some steam, like this one fellow worker who had some jaw-dropping dance moves. My question is, where did he learn his epic dance moves? 

One of his seemingly choreographed moments was absolutely incredible where he basically does something like the limbo. The part where it gets incredible is how he manages to go down to the floor and right back up! Talk about serious flexibility and super strong muscles. He also does a few moonwalks and robotic moves, all the while using a pipe for a prop. And who doesn’t love music from the 80s with the high vibe beats and techno sounds? 

Not only did he lighten the mood, but his fellow co-workers were also more than impressed and thankful to have someone break up the work day with a little bit of fun! The best part is that we get to witness this guy’s knack for dancing, thanks to the internet! 

A co-worker filmed the entire dance routine and blessedly shared it online for the world to see! In fact, the video went viral, and it’s been shared hundreds of times. 

This fella just goes to show you that while we may have hard and heavy loads to carry, we’ve been blessed with the ability to find joy in all situations. If we can’t find joy we can create it because our joy is rooted in who God is. It’s not fleeting nor based on circumstances! What a blessed gift. 

Romans 15:13 “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.”

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