Lilly Brie Knox

Our precious Angel was born October 26, 2007 and she past October 27, 2007. She weighed 4 lbs, 8 oz and she was 17 inches. We spent 6 precious hours with her. She has left her little footprints on our hearts forever!
On June 12th, my husband and I went to the doctor to have our first ultrsound. Which we were very excited about! :0) They told us that we were having a baby girl! The Ultrasound girl kept talking aobut how cute she looked and how wiggly she was. :) After our ultrsound we waited for the doctor to come in and tell us that we had an excellent ultrasound but instead she told us that there were 3 things that they saw that troubled them. She had an enlarged artery, her hands were clenched and she had a cyst on her brain. So the doctor made an appointment for us to see the specialist at Brody School of Medicine. At that appointment we found out that Lilly has a hole in her heart along with the enlarged artery, 2 cyst on her brain, still her clench fists, and they said that her head was shaped like a strawberry.
The Specialist wanted us to have an amniocentisis, which is where they take a long needle and draw fluid that the baby is in, to run tests to see if the baby has a chromosome disorder. We were so confused and scared. The Specialist also told us that if we were to get a abortion that they would support our decision. Not beleiving in taking a childs life, our decision was very easy.. Lilly deserved to live. Why would we take a blessing?!
We decided that we would go ahead and have the amnio, expecting that nothing was really wrong. I was at work when the specialist called with the results. She said that the amnio results werent good, that Lilly has what they call Edwards Syndrome (Trisomy 18).
The next day, I went back to the specialist to hear all about babies that are born with this condition. The specialist said that 50% of the babies born live to be 5 months old, 95% of another study live the day thier born, another 10% live to see

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