95-Year-Old Veteran Receives Life-Changing Gift from 3rd Grader

95-Year-Old Veteran Receives Life-Changing Gift from 3rd Grader

There are not many videos as sweet as this. A 95-year-old veteran receives a life-changing gift from a 3rd grader.

Frank Grasberger lives in Strongsville, Ohio at the Vitalia senior residences. Every day he sits on a letter that is special to him. He says other than his wife Delores, this letter is the most important treasure. When asked, “Why does it matter to you that much?” Frank responds, “Because it is something that somebody thought of me that much.” His wife chimes in, “When he has that letter with him, he has a feeling of faith, trust, and love.”

Frank is a World War II veteran and he received a letter of gratitude from a 3rd grader named Dashauna Priest. The letter has a hand-drawn picture with an American flag. Frank has never met the girl who sent the message. He told his wife that before he dies, he wants to find her. The staff of the residence got together and searched for Deshauna. They amazingly found her.

Deshauna is seen with her own baby and she is now 21 years old. She remembered writing the letter in school because she felt honored to write to someone in uniform. She ends up surprising Frank in her own uniform. Deshauna now serves in the National Guard. Frank and Delores were in tears at the visit. Delores hysterically says, “I thought, where’s his heart pills?” Frank tells Deshuana that this was a God-send. Delores so sweetly described them as family now.

Our words have just as much impact on the lives of others. Let’s all take time out of our days to write or say encouragement to those around us or even those in the military today.

“Pleasant words are a honeycomb, Sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. Proverbs 16:24

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