Judge Sings Emotional Duet With Contestant For Brother With Down Syndrome

Judge Sings Emotional Duet With Contestant For Brother With Down Syndrome

What do you do when you love your sibling so much, but he can’t communicate with you? Well, you find a way. 

Aleisha George found a big way too! As a singer, she knows how powerful music can be. She decided to dedicate her performance to her brother. In this heartwarming moment, a judge sings an emotional duet with contestant Aleisha George for her brother with Down Syndrome. 

Now here’s what you need to know. It’s a big risk to sing one of the judge’s songs. But Aleisha chose ‘Standing With You,’ for her brother Anthony.

Instead of telling you you'll be alright
I'm just gon' be that someone by your side
Yeah let me be that distant satellite

The song ‘Standing With You’ was released on Guy Sebastian's ninth album. He wrote this emotional ballad to explain what it means to support someone going through difficult circumstances and struggles. He wrote it after going through a season of supporting a close family member who had been struggling with mental health and was brave enough to share the journey with Guy. He then wrote the song as a way to share what it means to support, love, and encourage anyone facing battles. The song was perfect for Aleisha because she loves her brother Anthony so much, and she knows how incredibly difficult it is for him to share what he’s going through because he is nonverbal. 

So when Aleisha explained this song was for her brother, it touched Guy’s heart so much, that he opted not to be a judge during the performance but to get up on stage and sing with Aleisha. It was an incredibly touching moment and a true gift for her brother. He could be seen off stage, jumping for joy for his sister during her inspiring and emotional performance! Who knew the power of a song could mean so much to these siblings? 

Guy gave Aleisha and her brother Anthony a beautiful moment they will forever treasure. 

Galatians 6:2 “Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.”

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