Bus Driver's Quick-Thinking Saves Student From Oncoming Vehicle

Bus Driver's Quick-Thinking Saves Student From Oncoming Vehicle

One bus driver’s quick thinking saved one of her students from walking out into an oncoming vehicle.

That heroic bus driver is April Wise, and she is from New Carlisle, Ohio. In the video, you can see April checking her mirrors and paying close attention to her surroundings as she is transporting the students. And her attentiveness saved one of her student’s life when an oncoming car failed to stop when she stopped her bus.

“Woah! Wait! Wait!” April shouts as she grabs the kid’s backpack to hold him on the bus. Very shortly after, a car drives right where the kid was about to walk

That student was a seventh grader, and April knew that he was a quick one when it came to getting off the bus, which is why she had to jump right into action when she saw danger approaching.

“He is one of my quickest students to get on and off the bus. He is super quick,” April Wise said. “The only thing that went through my brain was to keep him from getting off the bus.”

And the seventh grader’s family is so grateful for the quick-thinking actions of their son’s bus driver.

“For what she did that day, we definitely appreciate it,” said the boy’s father.

April’s heroic actions earned her high praise and even a reward. And the video of her save will also be used as an example during training for other bus drivers to show how to safely care for students who ride the bus.

“This goes far beyond what I imagined to happen, so I am very emotional,” April said. “I don’t deserve it, but I’m glad it’s bringing awareness and stuff. Hopefully, more people will take it into consideration.”

Way to go, April! And may this be a reminder to all to stop your vehicle when you see a school bus stop in the road to let students off.

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