Rail Workers Are Heroes After Saving Toddler That Wandered On The Tracks

Two rail workers stepped up and sprang into action when they spotted an unusual sight on the tracks: a 3-year-old child. 

For parents, the happiness and safety of their children are and always will be some of their biggest concerns. But no matter how much children are instructed to avoid a person, an area or to not touch an object, children do not have the best track record when it comes to adhering to commands. Children always want to push the boundaries and see what happens when they refuse to listen.

One child, for whatever reason, ended up in a dangerous area in New York City. He had found his way onto a set of active train tracks. But thankfully, someone spotted the child before anything tragic took place.

In a video posted to YouTube, a 3-year-old sits near a fence, just to the left of an active and electrified set of train tracks. The man driving the train, who first spotted the child, slammed on the brakes. The locomotive was moving at nearly 70 miles per hour!

“As soon as I saw it was a child, I instantly, daddy kicked in and we gotta save this kid,” William Kennedy said. 

Another train conductor, coming from the other direction, also spotted the stranded child. In the video, a train conductor runs out to meet the child, who was touching an electrified track. 

The child was quickly moved to safety and brought onto one of the trains. About an hour later, the little guy was reunited with his mother. 

While the child was reportedly touching an electrified track, he suffered only minor injuries. He only sustained a splinter!

Thank God for those quick-thinking and acting New York City-area train workers, who rescued the child, keeping him safe and from a tragic ending. 

Psalm 37:39 “But the salvation of the righteous is of the Lord: he is their strength in the time of trouble.”


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