Meteorologist Prays On Air As Tornado Sweeps Community

Meteorologist Prays On Air As Tornado Sweeps Community

A television station’s meteorologists asked for the Lord’s protection live on air during the threat of severe weather to a nearby community.

Weather and weather patterns are sometimes unpredictable and can change with little or no notice. Those weather conditions can also turn severe, putting the safety of people and animals in question. Storms can bring about destruction, taking down or damaging homes, schools and businesses. 

During severe weather, taking the correct precautions can be crucial. However, even with all the prior planning, it never hurts to ask for the Lord’s protection and help. That’s what one television station’s meteorologist did during severe weather coverage.

Matt Laubhan, WTVA’s chief meteorologist, was updating viewers about the threat of a tornado in their area. While standing in front of a screen covered in bright green and red, Matt informs people in Amory, Mississippi they should seek shelter immediately.

Matt is obviously exasperated and overwhelmed by the impending weather. Several times he sighs heavily, “Oh, man.”

At one point, he leans over on his desk and prays. 

“Dear Jesus, please help them, amen,” Matt prays.

His short and sweet prayer doesn’t cause him to miss a beat. He goes on to provide viewers with updates and information about the route of the impending severe weather. 

Matt’s public prayer was an excellent reminder to call upon the name of the Lord in good times and in bad. Many people commented on the clip of Matt’s prayer that they appreciated his move.

“It is so wonderful that this man sees his job as more than just a job. Lord, bless this man and his family,” one person posted.

“God bless this man and his family for his concern and prayers for others! Much respect, sir,” a second person added.

“What an absolutely amazing and humble meteorologist. More humans need to be like him,” someone else wrote. 

Proverbs 18:10 “The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runs into it, and is safe.”

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