Poem Video "An Eternal High" Written By Timothy Jon Barrett

"An Eternal High", was written as God burdened my heart to start writing more poems of Salvation. It is somewhat similar to "Let's Get High", but "Let's Get High" was more of a personal testimony. I had a fellow tell me once, "surely you don't believe you can get high on Jesus? You make Jesus sound like a drug and our children don't need to hear that kind of message".All I have to say to that is WAKE UP!!! I get high on Jesus every day!! I used drugs for over 20 years of my life and I'm here to tell you, if you're not buzzing on Jesus, friend, you're missing the greatest high ever made. Religious folk don't like to hear that kind of talk, too high-minded to think God can't set your soul ablaze with a Holy Ghost High. Some, obviously have never been enslaved by Satan and his drugs,but I for one know that both highs are very real. Our society is filled with drug abuse and it's HIGH time we introduced them to the Heavenly High that can set their souls free. I want to encourage everyone who knows someone on drugs, a friend, family member or just an aquaintance, to make copies of this poem and start handing them out or send them this video. It's time we introduce them to "An Eternal High".

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