Grace Awakens

Evangelism video by Second 8th Week Ministries. Must see salvation message! Mans whole life is spent in search of answers to ultimate questions: Is anyone there? What is the life's purpose? Is there more to life? Who am I? Why do I feel so lost? We lost our true identity and purpose of life because Satan took ownership of our souls from birth, intending that we would bear his image and thus insult God.

When you were born Satan said, I christen this child as my own. Gods response: You took ownership of them against their will and became the mold of their perception since they were born, but they enter into My kingdom by choice.

The purpose of the gospel is to awaken man to his true history, which is buried deep within the conscience. This history tells us that God is our Creator, that we are not whole without Him, and that we are removed from the original nature of our creation. When grace comes to awaken man out of his sleep, what God sealed in us before we came into this dimension is suddenly being recalled.

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