JOHN CROWDER New False Teacher/Prophet

antioch7 on Youtube posted this so visit him also.

John Crowder Benjamin Dunn of the new mystics along with other NEW Appostle/Prophets have taken false doctrine and teacherings to a new level. This series puts it in perspective. Roman Catholicism, Occultism, New Age is just the begining of what you get with these guys. More spiritual poison to pollute the pre-existant cesspool of Neo Christianity.

Just when you thought Benny, Kenny, Todd and Rodney couldn't red line the heresey meter any further here comes

John Crowder, Keith Miller, Bidal Torrez & son Jeremiah Torrez, Joshua Mills, Patricia King/Extreme Prophetic, Lucy Rael(produces Feathers & oil from her palms??) & husband Sito, Georgian & Winnie Banov, Todd Bently, Matt Sorger, Randy Clark, Ryan Wyatt, Lance Wallnau, Michael Maiden, Rick Joyner-Talks to the Dead, John Paul Jackson, Che Ahn, Bill Johnson, John Arnott(Toronto Vineyard), Todd Bentley, Kim Clement, Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs, C Peter Wagner, Rick Warren(A NWO Sympathizer), John Dawson, Jonas Clark, Kansas City Prophets - Paul Cain, Bob Jones, Mike Bickle.

Teachings about God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Classic Christianity as practiced by the apostles, taught by these NEW apostles/prophet sare turned into Doctrine of demons, devils and nicolaitans they are nothing more than Charismatic Popes.

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