Book Video: Pen of Iniquity

Book Video: Pen of Iniquity

"In Northville Prison...there’s a GHOST IN MY CELL"

Short Synopsis of “PEN OF INIQUITY”

In 1998, Derrick Samuel pleaded innocent to an armed robbery of a

convenience store, but was found guilty and incarcerated.

Four years earlier, miscreant Daniel Gordon, serving a ten-year sentence for murder at the Northville Prison, was brutally tortured and murdered by the warden, his guards, and six inmates because of his involvement with the outside world regarding the murders being committed by guards and inmates ordered by Warden Verdana. Daniel also complained about the improper living conditions, drug trafficking, and inhumane working conditions.

That evening four years ago, before the prison closed down due to funding, the guards forcefully pulled Daniel out of his cell and dragged down to a decaying boiler room. Inside the room awaited the six inmates and the warden. They beat him, chained him to an open steam pipe, and turned

it on.

After a few minutes they took him down from the steam pipe thinking he

was dead. Suddenly, Daniel spoke, “I shall remember you.” Then, into

the furnace they placed him…burning him alive.

It is now the year 2002 and a Pen of Iniquity

is about to be opened.

ISBN: 1-60813-073-8