TONIGHT, HEAVEN TOUCHES EARTH performed by First Baptist Church of St. Charles, Mo. Music Ministry under direction of Brad Newbold, Minister of Music and Media. AFTER TONIGHT, life will never be the same. AFTER TONIGHT, love will be refined. AFTER TONIGHT, we will partake of the miraculous FOR TONIGHT, HEAVEN TOUCHES EARTH. Narrators are Dave Sweda and Annie Ascoli, Pianist is Janis Newbold, and Assistant Youth Choir Director is Bryanne Anderson. PART ONE PROGRAM: INTRODUCTORY music by Sanctuary Orchestra, followed by TONIGHT, HEAVEN TOUCHES EARTH with Soloist Leslie Sneller, followed by THE PEOPLE WHO WALK NOW IN DARKNESS by Sanctuary Choir and Orchestra. TONIGHT with Soloists Sandy Ginalick and Lauren Mertz, followed by SING GLORIA. Then Youth Choir performs JESUS IS THE REASON with Soloists Melissa Compton, Anna Smith, Nikki Svetina, Marissa Wallis, and Bethany Brockman. This is followed by LISTEN TO THE ANGELS SINGIN' with Soloists Bryanne Anderson, Marcia Weiss, and Craig Tepker, followed by LULLABY AT THE MANGER with Soloists Brian Bay and Wendy Hausman (cont'd in Part 2). Created and Produced by Randy Vader and Jay Rouse. For conclusion, go to PART 2.

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