"It Feels Good"was the third single release from Starbuck's album,"Searching For A Thrill" in 1978 on United Artists Records.Starbuck was one of the most popular bands in the Atlanta Georgia & South East areas from 1974 thru 1978 along with fellow Georgia bands, "Whiteface & Atlanta Rhythm Section".Starbuck released 3 albums between 1976 & 1978 & at least 9 singles. Starbuck had changed band members on every album & the line-up for the "Searching For A Thrill Album" was ::::Bruce Blackman on Lead Vocals & Keyboards,,Jimmy Cobb on Lead Vocals & Bass,,David Shaver on Keyboards,,John Fristoe on Lead Vocals & Guitar,,John "Dog Bag" Walker on Lead Vocals & Guitar & Ken Chrysler on Drums.The "Searching For A Thrill" album in my opinion is Starbuck's best & strongest album,but it's their least known out of their 3 albums.You have to remember that Starbuck was ahead of their time by utilizing a 3 Keyboard sound that was later made popular in the 1980's by Synth pop bands like.....Depeche Mode,,Human League & Yazoo.....I was very lucky to see Starbuck on their "Searching For A Thrill" tour in an old night club in Cocoa Beach Florida called The Anchor Club in 1978.

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