New Hoover commercial

New Hoover commercial

we made this video while making another video for my school project, in case you didnt understand his aussie accent, here is the translation lol

Introducing the new Hoover experiment, it holds 1000 germs and guess what? It doesnt even work! It holds zero germs, I repeat, zero germs; this is the new Hoover experiment. Look at that big bad Z that means its not guarantee! No, your money will not come back! So you should buy it now before it runs out.

Ya see this thing right here? Its also connected to your Hoover vacuum, ya see this? It can even its so cool! ....And it can extend, do you know what this is? Its the precious.I dont know, but buy it anyways! Since its connected to the new Hoover doesnt work your money not back in guarantee! .....Hoover system

All this can be yours for 199! Please do not obey this thing; this product is not available in stores, or Wal-mart or any other place, please do not call this number at the bottom of your number.

Theres even a phone connected to the Hoover system, with lots of other products that dont even work, that we sell and that we scam! ........YEAH! so heres your phone and call now =)