The ALTA MONTE Christian Testimony: God Sent A Butterfly To Comfort Me: Part 2 of 4

There is a scripture found in Acts 14:22 that reads: We must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God. Alta may have not have understood what God means by this scripture passage many years ago, but having experiencing enough tribulations of her own, she now has a very good first-hand comprehension of what it means. For anyone going through trials and tribulation of your own, and wonder why God is allowing it to happen, you are highly encouraged to listen to all segments of this testimony. In it contains hope and encouragement and spiritual insights for those of you questioning whether you want to continue walking with God anymore. For any of you who have never walked with God YET, and maybe even questioning whether God is even REAL and ALIVE, this testimony may change all that! Take the time to watch this testimony. It was through hardships of many kinds that Alta is now someone God can count on any time night or day to help accomplish victory in this battle of good and evil, which all of us are affected by in one way or another.

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