Purity of Faith

Chrystal clear waters proceed from the throne of God through His steward, as grace and truth to purify the faith of the elect (Rev.22:1). These shall follow the groom having prepared themselves unto every good word and work and rejoice to see His kingdom come. As the church stands on the threshold of change the voice of the Lord is heard by many. He is gently calling them to lay down the tools of the flesh and pick up the tools of Christ.

The clear water revival God has promised the church is indeed removing the mark of the flesh from faith. The new wineskin God has prepared is the covenant of Christ. All those who drink of His wineskin will be reborn into Jesus Second Covenant and learn afresh how to step into the waters of His grace. I pray this worship video will be a blessing to you. As you meditation upon these spiritual sacrifices of prophecy remember that the seed God put within you must germinate to grow to a holy city of the Lord.

Credits: Spiritual sacrifices of prophecy by Chief Apostle Eric vonAnderseck, read by Apostle Jacques Wessels, music by Aneliria, "serenidad": http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=823252&content=songinfo&songID=6434824. Photo credits: Evangelist Connie van Wyk

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