Jim Lucas on "High-Performance Ethics"

Jim Lucas on "High-Performance Ethics"

Do you have to lower your ethical standards in order to succeed at your job? High-Performance Ethics authors Wes Cantrell and James Lucas say that the answer is no. The authors outline ways to make ethical decisions (based on the Ten Commandments) that lead to highly successful business practices. High-Performance Ethics includes tips on how to lead a team with integrity, practical tools for resisting the pressure to compromise workplace standards, and encouragement for workers who want to see strong businesses--and strong values--thrive.

10 Principles:

First Things Only (priorities)

Ditch the Distractions

Aligh With Reality (never claim support for a bad cause)

Find Symmetry

Respect the Wise

Protecct the Souls

Commit to the Relationships

Spread the Wealth

Speak the Truth

Limit Your Desires

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