Prophecy- 666, Mark of the Beast, Antichrist RFID chip

First off, I'm not saying the micro-chip is the end all to this prophecy, there are many levels to it.

But I believe the chip will be included in this prophecy for modern nations in the future. The poor nations that don't have electricity won't have to worry about the chip, but they still have to make sure they don't worship/praise the antichrist as their world leader to help them. And also to make sure they don't have his name on them (living lifestyles of disobedience).

If the recent shakings in the financial system haven't caused you to think we're in the end days, maybe this will. By the way, the financial shakings with the Dow dropping to major lows is just the beginning. Someday in the not so distant future, America (Babylon) will collapse with all it's grandeur. When that happens, you can expect more riots and New Orleans type of activity. At some point people will call on a world leader who will promise them good things (peace) etc. But he will turn out to be worse than Hitler. He'll speak blasphemous things against God, by calling himself God. He will set up an image that you must worship or be beheaded if not. The false prophet will also do great miracles, signs, and wonders and lead people to follow after the beast. People will turn to this world leader for security in troubling times. He will lead them into a system/mark that without this mark upon the forehead or in the hand, they can't buy or sell. Some say the mark could be Sunday blue laws, that is possible, but people would still be able to buy and sell with that in effect. Some say the mark in that case would just mean a 'bad living' etc. etc. Others say it's 'oil' that without it our society is 'toast' and we couldn't buy or sell, so Iran and those guys have this mark. But still, that doesn't make sense, b/c you don't put oil in your hand or forehead. Anyways, anything that's not of obedience (can be considered a mark of the beasts ways). But the RFID microchip tracking dev

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