Rosenberg, TX RANDY SHANKS eyes were completely healed

My name is Randy Shanks, the Exxon in Rosenburg, TX. I had been having trouble with my eyes for about three or four days. I had only been able to see out of my left eye and depth perception was quite a problem. I had a pretty difficult time driving to service where Bro. Gary Ashcraft was to be the guest speaker. When I arrived I sat up front. While waiting for service to begin, I read Matt.6:22 (The light of the body is the eye; if therefore tine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.). You can see why that particular verse was significant to me at the time. The entire time Bro. Ashcraft was preaching me eyes were burning and I was having sharp pains in both eyes. I could still only see out of my left eye but both eyes were watering so badly that I was constantly wiping them throughout the service. I'm sure everyone in the congregation must have thought that I was getting teary-eyed over the sermon, but I was actually having a physical problem, although I didn't know what the cause of that problem was. As far as I could recall, I'd never had and problems with my eyes in the past. After service I asked Bro. Ashcraft if he would pray for my eyes and he did. At the same time he prayed for my heart. He was actually praying for both my physical and spiritual condition and the Lord touched both as well. When we finished praying the pain was instantly gone. I drove home that day in the sunshine without sunglasses or any further pain. Since that time to this moment I've had no more problems with my eyes. I know prayer works because God hears prayer and I sure thank Him for it!

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