Our Lady of Lebanon Shrine Tower Needs Your Help

These Stones you see here, if

they could speak, would speak
volumes; of all who labored
and sacrificed to place them
here over 4 decades ago at the
National Shrine of Our Lady of
Lebanon, on North Lipkey Rd,
in North Jackson, Ohio.

They would speak of all who
gazed at their beauty, and
photographed them in all of
their first glory.

They would speak of all of the
tens of thousands of visitors,
Pilgrims who have ascended to
the top as they remained firm
and in place.

Perhaps they would share with
us those mysterious graces
passing to wounded hearts
who came, asked and received
and which these stones have
witnessed over 4 decades!

Perhaps today, when you visit,
they would cry out for help,
saying, "See what time and the
elements have done? Is
there anyone who will restore
us to our former beauty?"

The National Shrine was built
by the strength of the human
spirit; men and women moved
by God to honor Mary, the
Mother of Jesus, and has
persevered over the decades by
the generosity of this same
Spirit. There are no Parish
Members, since this is a
National Shrine, so there is no
consistent and reliable source
of support.

We are now asking for this
same loving spirit of men and
women to come to the aid of
this Shrine, to help in any way
you can to restore the Tower
to it's former beauty!

Please Write or Call:
The National Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon
2759 North Lipkey Rd
North Jackson, Ohio 44451
Phone (330) 538-3351

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