Ervin Rogers did not need to become a Christian to realize what alcohol addiction and drug addiction can do to a person. What he DID NOT realize is what gambling can do to a person, until he was caught in the teeth of the deathly gambling trap. By the grace of God, he was pulled out of that trap, and now he feels it is his responsibility to warn others: BEWARE OF THE GAMBLING TRAP!

Gambling usually starts out so innocently. Many people see it for the dangers it can bring, and are able to stay out of its grip. Occasional gambling is recreation for them. They really have no false expectations that they are somehow going to make money from this recreation. If they do win now and then, great, but if not, that is just to be expected. They KNOW odds are extremely good that gambling is a business, and people do not go into business to purposely lose money. They go into business to MAKE a profit, and the bigger the profit the better. Thus in gambling, the rules are written to maximize the odds of the gambling business owner talking home a large paycheck each week, at YOUR expense.

If you are not a Christian, you may not be able to fully appreciate all of what Ervin has to share, though hopefully a time will come when you WILL. If you ARE a Christian, do yourself a HUGE favor and heed the words Ervin shares. Satan is out to ensnare Christians any way he can, and just because someone has been free of one or more addictions, Satan will constantly be looking for ways to trap them back into that very same addiction, or perhaps an entirely NEW addiction, like he did Ervin.

As a Christian, it is easy to fall into a state of mental and spiritual complacency, because there is a mindset that can come with being a Christian that essentially says: Because I am now a Christian, God would not let the devil touch or trick me. How deceptive thinking like that can BE! BECAUSE you are now a Christian, Satan is going to patiently work m

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