Lori Shampoo at one time was the Womens World Champion Pool Player. Pool was something she could do very well. However, there were some deep wounds in her heart stemming all the way back to her early childhood that put a wedge between her and God. That wedge opened the door wide open for rebellion to take over, which then made her susceptible to alcohol and drug abuse. Never having had much love growing up, especially from her father who was locked up in prison when Lori was age four, she also had a hole in her heart with the need to be loved. Lori prayed often that God would bring her father home, and eventually her father did come home. Unfortunately, however, he began to drink heavily and terrorize the family. It was during that time that she grew angry with God and began blaming Him for allowing her father to behave the way he was behaving. Her perception and understanding of God became greatly distorted, sadly, and like so many youth lacking quality love from either a mother or father or both, she became very vulnerable to male attention and substance abuse to try to deaden her pain.

About age 16 Lori began to drink and take drugs, and she got pregnant. That was her first abortion, of more to follow, regrettably. During her years of high school, one thing burned inside her. She wanted her father to be proud of her. Thus she played different sports with the solitary purpose in mind: to gain some much needed acceptance and approval - from her father. However, it never came to the degree she hoped it would.

Somewhere in those painful years of her growing up, she began to mistrust people. In mistrusting them, she also began to use them, when it served a purpose to give her what she wanted.

After she got pregnant, she quit school and began to occupy her time playing pool. She worked hard at being good at it, playing pool 8 to 16 hours a day. In spending so much time playing pool, she discovered that she coul

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